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Spinks Timber Floors

Spinks Timber Floors & Carpentry:
Timber Floor Installation, Sanding & Finishing
New or existing timber floors
Directly onto concrete, chipboard or joists
- Finishing of new & old decks


Spinks Timber Floors provide repairs, sanding and finishing
all existing timber floors.

Are your existing timber floors in need of some love & attention?

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If you’re dealing with existing timber floorboards, it will be necessary to sand back the timber to remove any existing finish. This first step will give you a blank canvas – a floor that’s receptive to whatever finish you wish to apply.


Timber flooring and decking are long term investments and with a small amount of care and maintenance optimum performance and enjoyment is ensured. 

We can perform maintenance coats to existing timber floors, if they have been coated within the past 4 years depending on foot traffic. A maintenance coat to your timber floor, involves a light sand to entire floor and one coat of finishing product.


Grade refers to the level of visible natural features in the wood, and most companies offer three levels under varying names (check with your individual supplier): select or classic, the sleekest; standard or natural, with an average amount of knots and characteristics; and rustic or Australiana, which has the highest level of burls and veins.

Colours range from blonde wood like alpine ash, blackbutt and Tasmanian oak, to browns like brushbox and turpentine, and reds like jarrah.